Bail Bonds in Long Beach, California

The Long Beach Police Department jail is located at 400 W. Broadway between Magnolia Ave. and Chestnut Ave.   If you need help with Long Beach bail bonds for this police department call (888) 389-2245 for 24-hours assistance.

The Long Beach Jail is smaller facility that’s not designed to hold defendants for more than a few days before they go to court.  If the defendant doesn’t post bail before they go to court, there’s a very good chance they’ll be transferred to one of the LA County jails.  Call us today if you need help or if you have questions about how jail bonds work.

Jason Meyerson Bail Bonds is attorneys’ top choice for bail bonds at the Long Beach Jail.  Our company has been around for more than two decades and we pride ourselves on providing honest, professional bail bonds services.

Long Beach bondsman Jason Meyerson isn’t just an agent. He and his partner Chris Kiperman own the company.  When you call our office you’ll talk with Jason directly and you won’t be bounced to a call center or an inexperienced agent.

The core values at Jason Meyerson Bail Bonds circle around ethics and professionalism.  We think every client deserves a positive experience which is why you’ll speak with an owner directly and only get straight answers. 

We offer bail bonds by phone or we can send a bondsman to meet with you in person at the Long Beach Jail. Often times this is the quickest way to have a defendant released.

If you have questions about bail bonds at the Long Beach jail, we can help.  We offer free, honest advice 24-hours a day.  We’re the Long beach bail bonds specialists and we’re happy to talk with you.

Some companies charge clients extra to appear with them in court or re-issue a bail bond that has been already posted. Not at Jason Meyerson Bail Bonds! Often times a case will continue for more than a year and families get stuck having to pay twice or more!!  We never charge annual premiums because we don’t think it’s fair to ask our clients to pay twice.  Don’t get caught in the annual premium trap.  Call Jason Meyerson today to learn why we’re the top choice for attorneys for bail bonds at the Long Beach Jail.

Some of our Long Beach Bail services include:

  • Affordable rates and flexible, interest-free financing*
  • No Annual Premiums.
  • Bail by phone & email.
  • Free warrant checks.
  • Free court appearances whenever necessary.
  • 24/7 assistance.
  • No bail “re-write” fee. (we never charge you twice for the same case like others do).

Not every Long Beach bondsman is alike.  With us, you’ll never need to worry about dealing with a shady character or answering service.  This is why the county’s top defense attorneys and their clients call our Long Beach bail hotline time and time again. (888) 389-2245

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JMBB is a family owned and operated business located in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties. Jason Meyerson, a southern California native, brings over fifteen years of bail bond business experience and knowledge. His company is a proud member of the ExpertBail Network, an exclusive group of the finest agents in the country. He plays an active role in improving the bail bond industry by participating in trade groups such as the CBAA (California Bail Agents Assocation) and PBUS (Professional Bail Agents of the United States).

“My primary goal is to constantly raise the bar of professionalism and integrity in the bail bond business. There is clear lack of these traits in my chosen industry so I see this as an opportunity to distinguish ourselves from the others by always impressing our clients. This has been our formula for success over the years; customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth advertising.”

  • Jason M. (Owner)