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What you don’t know can cost you……

25 May 2013 Written by 
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Don't Get Caught Paying Annual Premiums

What you don’t know can cost you……

Did you know that if your case continues longer than a year you could be required to pay your bondsman a renewal premium, each and every year?! Families are often shocked when they face paying thousands of dollars to get someone out of jail the first time, they never imagine they’ll need to pay it again - especially if the defendant has routinely gone to court.

We see this as unethical and predatory. Bail bonds don’t expire and bail agencies do not need to charge premium again for cases continuing beyond a year, but unfortunately most do. At JMBB we NEVER charge and annual premium. Period!

We always tell our clients it’s important to research the company you’re going to do business with-especially when it comes to bail bonds. We’ve heard countless horror stories about bondsman who have thrown defendants back in jail or have threatened to foreclose on the family home if the renewal premium is not paid. Don’t let this happen to you.

At Jason Meyerson Bail Bonds you can rest assured we will treat you with the honesty, compassion and professionalism you deserve. We’ll be up front with you about all your costs and fees and we never charge clients a renewal premium.
Call our office today for a free consultation. (888) 389-BAIL

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